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Name:Mark van Bommel Fans
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01. No flaming of any kind. We're all here for one reason. To show our support for Mark. If we don't agree with everything, it doesn't mean we can't disagree politely like adults instead of like children. Rudeness and being mean, disrespectful and impolite of others will not be tolerated.

02. Keep posts on-topic. This community is for fans of Mark van Bommel. Therefore, posts should contain information about him. News about Bayern München and his National team are fine as well.

03. Posts must be in English. If you post something in German, please translate it. Not everyone speaks or reads it.

04. No l33t. And no fangirl OMGIWANTTOHAVEHIZBABBBBBIES!!!! Please.

05. Cuts are your friend. Spoilers from match results, large photos, icon posts with more than 3 icons, banners, wallpapers and long text posts need to be under a cut. If you have questions about this, please ask. We're here to help. :)

06. Please tag your posts to the best of your ability. Whether it be news, icons, banners, picspams, etc. Please use the proper tags. They will help me when I start organizing memories for the community so that certain entries can be found easier.

07. Please do not pseudo-cut everything. IE: fake cuts to different lj's. Some are ok, but we want this community to be the most comprehensive for all things Mark. Therefore, we don't want a lot of redirecting. It will help when we start tagging and adding to the community memories.
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